Most people read first about Plano and when they start house hunting, they start hearing about "West Plano", "East Plano" and the occasional "Central Plano".

Here is my perspective: All over the DFW metro, there are desirable parts to any town and there are not as desirable. Some people desire amenities, restaurants, nightlife... others desire diversity whether demographic or income... others desire affluence, status and great schools. People are different in what they desire and often times are limited by what they can afford.

So, for better or worse, here is my humble opinion as a Realtor:

  • East Plano is East of US-75 aka Central Expressway
  • West Plano is West of Coit Road (some will say Ohio, depends on who you speak to)
  • Central Plano is between US75 and Coit Road.

The above divides pretty much follow the attendance zones for the three senior high schools. Coit is the main road that follows the zone descriptions. However, as with real estate, change is the only constant.

The homes in West Plano are on average more expensive than typical Plano homes. The neighborhoods are newer, but many are also built to be highly exclusive and very upscale. Residents count "easy access to the Dallas North Tollway" as a big advantage for commuters allowing them access to most employment centers including Downtown Dallas within 20 minutes. But don't get me wrong, Plano West is a great high school but so is the Plano ISD system in general. I would never wish to give the impression that West Plano schools are the only reason to move there.